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Anthony Watts

Tony was first introduced into the world of fencing by the late Chris Drake during his high school years. Prior to fencing he had participated in every single sport under the sun with varying degrees of success but from the moment he picked up a blade Tony knew that this was the sport for him and has been dedicated to the discipline ever since.  

As a competitor, Tony specialised in Sabre under the tutelage of Mr's Garrison LIU (Nanjing, China/ Sydney, Australia), Wojtek MAGAFKA (Lodz, Poland) and Julian MAY (Sydney, Australia)  He represented Australia at the World Championships in 1995 and 1997, and also at World Cups between 1999 and 2009, placing 14th at the 2001 British Open.

Within Australia, Tony was NSW State Champion in 1997, and from 1995-2003 he was a member of the NSW Sabre Team: this team won the National Championships every year from 1982-2003.

Upon commencing coaching duties Tony continued his long standing association with University of Sydney by developing the youth squad there as well as being assistant coach for NSW State Sabre squad at various times. In 2009 he was appointed national coach for the Asian Games in Nanjing and was the Development Coach for Hunter Region Fencing 2010-13, From 2013 he was Northern Territory State Coach until his return to Sydney in 2016.

Tony's teaching philosophy for developing fencing as a sustainable and growing sport in Australia is simple: "If they like it they will keep lets make it fun".  This philosophy is based on his teaching style which is centered on fulfillment through learning. The "learning" is achieved by encouraging self initiated problem solving and having fun whilst doing it.  This approach was formed from the experience gained from decades of training and competing both overseas and within Australia. The personal lesson learnt from that journey can roughly be translated as  "Have a plan - then go out there and hunt them down. Good hunters set traps - such as the second intention. " If one requires further assistance in understanding this insight go and ask Garrison Liu, Wojtek Magafka, Julian May, John Chow, Dave Hoffman, Bill Ronald, Chris Drake or watch T2.

Meet The Team


Anthony Watts


Senior Coach

Founder of

Sydney Sabre Academy


John Chow

Senior consulting coach 

CEO & Founder of


Izabela Pereira


Marketing & Partnership Manager


Hayel Albassit


Coach & Armourer

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