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Our Services

Fencing is a sport for everyone!

Adults and kids, female or male, young or old: everyone can learn the way of the sword....

Fencing at School

Group classes

Together we learn better

Up to 10 students per group

Every Monday

6h30pm to 7h15pm



Fencer with Mask


Individual classes

Take your personal goals to the next level.

Every Monday from 7h15pm.



Fencing Mask


Learn In Style

Workshops are specifically designed to boost your skills and limits.

Get in contact to find out when is the next one!


Peter, M

Since my son is learning Fencing, his balance, concentration and perseverance have highly improved. Moreover, it is clear that fencing provides an atmosphere of community. There is a camaraderie in fencing among those training together that is unlike anything else.

Li, Y

Fencing is the best sport for my kids. They learn discipline, boost their self-esteem and challenge their brain as well as their body!

I highly recommend Sydney Sabre Academy!

Maria, R

As a mother,  I wanted to expose my child to master one of the original Olympic sports. My boy loves it and allows him to immerse into the world of Star wars! Moreover, his being diagnosed with Autism and joining Fencing has made a huge positive difference in him!

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