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Learn Sabre: the fastest combat sport on earth.

Swordplay for all ages.

Ancient Art. Modern Sport.


Skills. Technique. Tactics.


Fun with fair play!

Simple yet complex.

Attitude with honour!

Come and join us in mastering the way of the sword.


 Learn Sabre!


Win or lose, we live for the moment. We strive. We learn. We teach.

And we are now dedicated to imparting our knowledge through our very own school at YMCA Revesby, River RdRevesby 2213, South West Sydney in partnership with Sydney Sabre Centre

Do you always think of yourself as the swashbuckling type and wanted to get that glint in your eye? Then, learn the skills of the sword with us!

Our training packages include both group classes and individual tuition catering to all levels of experience - from beginners and family groups through to advanced competitor

If you get hooked (and you will) you can participate in our grading system which will qualify you from fencer at arms all the way to becoming an advanced combatant. 

Both Children and adults.

Fully qualified coaches with international experience. 

Fully equipped and insured including all teachers in possession of working with children certificates (WWCC's). 

Want to know more?

Fencing: Both an ancient art and modern sport.

How to join in a class or training group?

Our training team.

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