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Training Recommencing for 2024 Mondays and Wednesdays Revesby YMCA from 26 Feb.

Hello Fellow Sabreurs!

I trust you've all had an excellent Xmas and New Year Break with holidays and family visits around Oz and abroad - and now most of us have all settled back into school, study and work it's time to start Fencing again!

So some quick announcements for you all:

Recommencement Date

We kick off fencing again at Revesby YMCA on Monday 26 Feb 2024 in the same Studio where we have been the last two years. 

Training Days

This year we are going back to two days a week to cater for everyone's development needs. These days will be:

Mondays 6.30PM - 8PM.

The emphasis on Mondays will be Squad development, Beginner's class and consolidation of bouting skills but not necessarily all in that order. We'll shortly be forwarding a curriculum that will be focussed on grading and learning how to fight using electrical equipment.

Wednesdays 3.30PM - 7.30PM

The emphasis on Wednesdays will be individual tuition for those who request that training and Adult beginners. Anyone who wants to come along and get in some bouting practice on that evening is most welcome as well.

Price Points

This year we have had to raise our prices slightly mainly because of increased hiring fees with the lease but it is not much of an increase so I hope it's manageable for people.

Group class sessions and squad training for all unqualified fencers is now $25 each pp for all children and/or students. Adults $30 per session. This will mostly be on Mondays.

Individual Tuition will be $40 each regardless of age ( Usually 20 minutes per lesson)

A training package combining the above two is being offered at $50 - basically consisting of one individual lesson per week as well as admission to one group session.

General training admission will be offered at $10 per person per session - this will generally only offered to all established and qualified fencers within NSW and caters to any visitors we have coming to the club. Once fencers have qualified as a Fencer at Arms (Basic novice qualification) they will be able to participate paying for this general rate. More on this later - and I will add to the website. 


Equipment will still be supplied but we wish to move to a training model where all  commited students and squad members begin to purchase their own fencing gear at an agreeable rate. We will endeavour to provide a basic training pack to any participating pack where they will pay for a jacket, underplastron, mask and glove as an initial outlay that can be purchased over a payment plan. The main two reasons for this are comfort and hygene. Everyone has a different body shape and particularly where masks are concerned it is much cleaner and more comfortable to have your own mask.

We'll forward more information on this soon as we send out the curriculum through March but as a starting point have a look at the Sydney Sabre Fencing shop via here:

OK everyone,

Looking forward to seeing you all bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow evening. If you've read this far I congratulate you - what a future in Fencing you have and could you send me a quick reply so I know I've got the correct address for you.

See you soon on the strip!

Coach Tony.

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